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5 Tips For Moving House With Children

No matter whether you have children or not, moving is a stressful, hectic time for everyone. If not handled the right way, moving house with kids can make the whole process even more difficult. Although older kids can sometimes get involved in the process, younger children are understandably going to become bored with the entire ordeal. Here at King Removals, we have put together some tips to keep your little ones entertained when moving house. 

Play games

With just some patience and a little bit of imagination, there are a number of different games you can play with your children during the move. These will not only keep them entertained but can also increase productivity during the move. Just as an example, you could let them play with a couple of large boxes to build a castle or a playhouse, which could easily keep them occupied for a few hours.

Involve your children in the move

Young children are very curious and love to feel like they have some responsibility. Even just visiting the house beforehand and letting them decide how to decorate their rooms will give them a say in how they want to do things.

Another great option to get them involved is to get them to help by organising boxes by their contents and wrapping things in bubble wrap. You would also be surprised how therapeutic it can be for children to go through their belongings, throw out or give away things they no longer want. Just small decisions, like where to place their bed, help children to feel included and more positive about the move.

Kids essentials box

One of the great ways to keep your children entertained during the move is to pack a box, especially for them, which contains some of the things that will help them feel at home in your new place for the first night. These items may include their favourite toys and books, fresh pyjamas and a change of clothing.

Organise an outing

As much as the children are going to want to get involved, it may be a good idea to allow their grandparents, friend or babysitter to plan a fun activity for them so they are not in the middle of a stressful environment. Even arranging the move during term time would help occupy your mind and give you some extra time without the children being under your feet.

Work with a professional moving company

By working with a professional moving company, such as King Removals, this will allow you to save time and money, breakages and an enormous amount of stress. You can focus on looking after your children and will take some of the stress away from you as if a problem does arise. They can easily do the tasks like securing boxes and packaging up each room for you, offering exceptional packaging and storage services so that they can deal with everything easily.

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